Are your photos real?

My photos are 100% authentic and verified. I have no intent to deceive you with false pictures - that could be quite embarrassing for us both when we meet, don’t you think? For candid images and selfies, I invite you to follow my Twitter.

May I see your face?

I pride myself on discretion, for your sake and my own. In obscuring my features, I protect you and our bond.

I am frequently complimented on my appearance. I don’t think you'll be disappointed.

Where can I read your reviews?

They are collected here.

i Identify as ______. will you see me?

I don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, nationality, age, size, gender identity, experience, or ability. All I ask is that you are kind, respectful, and seek a meaningful connection.


I want to take you on a dinner date. What do you like to eat?

I’m an adventurous eater and take great pleasure in dining out. I love sashimi, goat's cheese, fish, broccoli, raw oysters, and creative modern Australian food. True indulgence to me is a beautiful, rare rib eye steak.

If you'd like to bring a little something to nibble on in bed, fresh berries, grapes, and sparkling water go down smoothly. Fine dark chocolate is also welcome, if you're willing to share...

Do you drink?

No, I prefer to stay mentally sharp and focused on you. I don't mind if you would like to have a drink or two to relax!

How will you be dressed for our date? May I make a request?

My sense of style is well developed, and could best be described as refined and feminine with an edge. Imagine Lana Del Rey in the urban jungle. You’re welcome to make a suggestion if you have a preference. I own a collection of beautiful, feminine dresses and fine lingerie, but my figure looks equally delicious in a pair of well-fitted jeans or yoga pants.

I'd like to bring you a gift. What would be appropriate?

How sweet of you! I have a little list here.

Are there any other considerations for when we meet?

My fee should be made available at the beginning of our date, as soon as we greet one another. If we’re in private, please leave it in an unsealed envelope somewhere visible. If we meet in public, you may pass it to me in a book or card.

I keep company with people of only the highest calibre of character, generosity, and respect. I will be well-groomed and beautiful each time we meet, and I expect the same consideration from you. Poor hygiene is a turn off, so please arrive showered and with perfectly fresh breath.

I don’t permit recording of my image with photographs or video. I take my privacy very seriously. Any violations of my consent with regard to unauthorised photography or filming will result in the immediate cessation of our booking without refund, blacklisting, and legal action.

Finally (and it ought to go without saying): if I feel as though my safety is being compromised or I'm not being treated with respect, I reserve the right to conclude our date at any time without refund.

What qualities do you find most desirable in a man?

Intelligence, charisma, tenderness, generosity, attention to detail, and a playful spirit.