The Fine Print

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To make a booking, I ask for a small deposit both to secure my time, and as a show of good faith. This makes me feel comfortable and relaxed when getting ready to meet you, and guarantees both of us that our date is on.

Deposits are requested for all bookings, unless I have explicitly granted you an exception. I won't confirm time with you until I have received your deposit.

Rates vary depending on location and duration. My preferred method of transfer is via Beem It.

Newcastle and Sydney
1 hour - 1.5 hours — $100
2-4 hours — $200
12-24 hours — 50%

<1 hour - 1.5 hours — $200
2-4 hours — $300
12-24 hours — 50%

Other Considerations

I am punctual by nature. Unless exceptional circumstances arise, I will be ready to see you at exactly the time we have agreed upon.

Our date begins as soon as I arrive at your location, or you arrive at mine. If you are running late, please notify me at your earliest convenience. I’m usually able to allow a 5 minute grace period. If you arrive after this window, our date will end as scheduled and without partial refund.

If you decide to conclude our date earlier than scheduled, no partial refund will be offered.

My rates are non-negotiable. Payment should be made available at the beginning of our date, as soon as we greet one another. If we’re in private, please leave it in an unsealed envelope somewhere visible or pass it to me directly. If we meet in public, you may conceal it in a book or card.

I keep company with people of only the highest calibre of character, generosity, and respect. I will be well-groomed and beautiful each time we meet, and I expect the same consideration from you. Perfect hygiene is a turn on, so please arrive showered and with minty fresh breath. If ask you to shower, this time is included in the duration of our date. Please do so thoroughly and with care.

I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs. I appreciate you not bringing, offering or engaging in hard substances during our date.

I appreciate you keeping any information shared during our date confidential.

I don’t permit recording of my image with photographs or video. I take my privacy very seriously. Any violations of my consent with regard to unauthorised photography or filming will result in the immediate cessation of our booking without refund and legal action.

Finally (and it ought to go without saying): if I feel as though my safety is being compromised or I'm not being treated with respect, I reserve the right to conclude our date at any time without refund.


Please provide me with your phone number and a copy of your government-issued photo ID. If you would like me to visit you at your home, this must display your current address.

Your information is stored securely and handled with the highest level of discretion. Unless you display dangerous or unsafe behaviour, it will not be shared with another person.

Unfortunately, if you’re unwilling to provide screening information, I cannot agree to meet you.

In-Date Extensions

If our connection feels electric and you’d like to extend our time together, please ask. If I don't have another engagement to attend, I'd be delighted to spend more time with you. This time incurs compensation of $400 per hour, or $600 per hour for couples.


I'm available for outcall to hotels in Newcastle or Sydney (this means I come to you). I don't have a dedicated incall space in Newcastle, but I’m happy to arrange one if you book a dinner date or overnight stay.


I will travel up to 30 minutes each way from the Newcastle CBD without charge. Locations further away will incur an additional travel fee, which will need to be transferred with your deposit.

Maitland, south of Belmont, north of Williamtown, or west of Wallsend — $50
Hunter Valley, Central Coast or Nelson Bay — $100
Sydney (2 hour minimum) — $150

Overnight and Longer Dates

Overnight sleepovers are around 12 hours long, generally starting at 7—8pm and finishing at 7-8am. I request a minimum of 6 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep and at least 1 cup of coffee in the morning to be fresh and well-rested for you.

On longer dates, I request a few hours per day to exercise, meditate, and doll myself up.

Fly Me to You

Due to my demanding study schedule, I don’t often tour. Instead, I'd love to fly to meet you exclusively. I'm happy to visit you anywhere in Australia, provided you take care of all expenses.

Email me with a proposed date and location, and I’ll reply with a quote which includes my flights and incidentals. I will take care of the travel bookings, so you can relax and let the anticipation build.

Fly me to you dates are available for bookings of four hours or longer. I request a minimum 50% deposit to secure my time.


My cancellation policy is detailed here.