Frequently Asked Questions


Are your photos real?

My photos are 100% authentic and have been verified on Scarlet Blue. They have been lightly edited to remove distinguishing features, but my body shape has not been altered in any way. I have no intent to deceive you with false pictures - that could be quite embarrassing for us both when we meet, don’t you think? For candid images and selfies, I invite you to follow my Twitter.

May I see your face?

I pride myself on discretion, for your sake and my own. In obscuring my features, I protect you and our bond.

I am frequently complimented on my appearance. I don’t think you'll be disappointed.

Where can I read your reviews?

They are collected here. If you’d like to write one after meeting, I ask that you please inform me of your intentions prior to posting on Scarlet Blue.

I would appreciate no mention of me or our time together on forums.

I identify as _____________. Will you see me?

I don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, nationality, age, size, gender identity, experience, or ability. All I ask is that you are kind, respectful, and seek a meaningful connection.

May I see you for free?

This is my business. Please respect that our time together is only possible with due remuneration.

How do you manage your sexual health?

I am tested for STIs every three months, and I choose to provide services which are not risky to your health or mine.

What happens if our paths cross in public?

Discretion works both ways, and I appreciate you respecting my privacy as I do yours. A sly smile or wink is fine, but it is not appropriate for you to approach or follow me.

I want to take you on a dinner date. What do you like to eat?

I’m an adventurous eater and take great pleasure in dining out. I love sashimi, goat's cheese, fish, broccoli, and creative modern Australian food. True indulgence to me is a beautiful, rare rib eye steak.

Do you party?

I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs. I don't mind if you would like to have a drink or two to relax, but I request that you don’t partake in hard substances or become excessively drunk when we’re together.

How will you be dressed for our date? May I make a request?

My sense of style is well developed, and could best be described as refined and feminine with an edge. Imagine Lana Del Rey in the urban jungle. I own a collection of beautiful, feminine dresses and fine lingerie, but my figure looks equally delicious in a pair of well-fitted jeans or yoga pants.

You’re welcome to request an outfit you’ve seen in my photos. If you have a preference for something you haven’t seen me wear, kindly bring it along to our date.

I'd like to bring you a gift. What would be appropriate?

How sweet of you! I have a list here.

If you'd like to bring a little something to nibble on in bed, fresh berries, grapes, and sparkling water go down smoothly.

What qualities do you find most desirable in a man?

Intelligence, charisma, tenderness, generosity, attention to detail, and a playful spirit.