You first notice me from across the room. You can’t help but look at me, a fit and slim woman with milky skin and an electric look in my eyes. You note the small details: the way my dress clings to my waist, the sparing and tasteful jewellery, the leather jacket casually draped over one arm.

The discipline I exercise in caring for my health and appearance is clear. My well-defined muscle tone forms a delectable waist, an exquisite, juicy rear, and legs which go on for days.

You draw closer. You see my bright eyes, high cheek bones, cute little nose, full pouty lips, and a long, lean neck which begs to be stroked. My porcelain skin feels buttery soft underneath your hands. My eyes are bright as I wink at you and smile.

I'm so glad you found me. I've been waiting for you.

allow me to introduce myself

My name is Reagan.

By day, I’m a student on track for a Masters’ degree. I adore my field, and once considered a career in academia. In my downtime, I love to indulge in modern literature, neuroscience, stoicism and human sexuality.

In conversation, I’m sweet, curious, playful, and perverted. I engage you with questions that give pause for thought. I adore witty banter, passion, and skepticism. I want to know your mind as well as your body.

(Cheeky, flirtatious wordplay really makes me purr.)

Imagine the divine moments of frisson which follow our introduction. My magnetism is intuitive and sensual; an invitation. We hold eye contact, and the tension between us becomes unbearable. The room is electric with desire as those first, coy glances develop into lingering caresses on bare skin.

What happens next is intimate, vivid, glorious. Are you intrigued? Perfect.

Take my hand, and follow me to sexual salvation.